Trentino documentation guide


The Trentino overall documentation is a maven site (see maven site plugin ). It contains developer and user documentation.

Prerequisites and installation

  • You should install the latest version of Maven. Actually, Trentino is using Maven 3.0.2. Download it from the maven website
  • Unzip maven and make sure that the bin folder of maven is in your PATH environment variable
  • The documentation source code is under the doc folder of the source control repository
  • In the console go to the doc directory
  • type "mvn clean site". This will generate the complete Trentino documentation (this web site)

Developer documentation

Developer documentation are web pages created using docbook simplified xml format. See the Simplified Docbook website.

User documentation

User documentation are created during maven site generation. They are provided into tree format which are PDF, HTML Single and HTML chuncked. They are created using an XML format called docbook. Docbook is a standard format for documentaion, that competes other well known documentation format like LaTeX. Docbook documents are available under doc/site/docbook.

The main entry point for the documentation is the index.xml document. It includes other chapters per xml include statement.