Installing from source code


  • Cmake at least version 2.6
  • Java at version 1.6. Version 1.7 is NOT YET supported.
  • Maven version 3.0.2 or above

Windows specific prerequisites

Visual Studio 2010 or above is required.

third party libraries for windows are already compiled

Linux Specific prerequisites

  • GNU compiler toolchain for C++
  • BJAM
  • TAR and ZIP tools

The installer requires internet connection to download dependencies and compile it for your linux distribution. The dependencies will be downloaded in the folder cpp/3rdparty/source.

To Install the documentation, Doxygen is also required. But you can skip this if you don't want to generate source code documentation

Make sure that the applications above are in your PATH


Building Trentino With Cygwin

Cygwin Installation

1. Download and run it

2. Select install from internet

3. Choose directory to install, say ‘C:\cygwin’

4. Choose ‘All Users’

5. Choose temporary directory where setup will store packages, say ‘C:\tmp’

6. Specify proxy settings according your network configuration

7. Choose any mirror to download from

8. Select the following packages

  • bzip2
  • cmake
  • coreutils
  • gcc4
  • gcc4-core
  • gcc4-g++
  • sed
  • tar
  • unzip
  • wget
  • Package Selection for Setup

    9. Click ‘Next>’ to install these packages

    Cygwin Configuration

    To support proxy you have to edit wget configuration file under installation folder: C:\cygwin\etc. Here is an example how proxy can be configured:

    						https_proxy =
    						http_proxy =
    						proxy_user = USERNAME
    						proxy_password = PASSWORD
    • USERNAME - your Windows user name
    • PASSWORD - your Windows password

    Cygwin Building

    1. Create new directory, say ‘C:\work\trentino.cygwin’

    2. Run Cygwin Terminal from Desktop

    3. Change directory to the created one (note, that ‘$’ character is a command prompt):

    						$ cd /cygdrive/c/work/trentino.cygwin

    4. Run cmake with path to sources (C:\work\trentino\DEV\cpp in my case):

    						$ cmake /cygdrive/c/work/trentino/DEV/cpp

    5. Run make to build (‘make clean’ is not required for the first run, but required if you changed something and want to rebuild Trentino):

    					$ make clean 
    					$ make