30.07.2013: Trentino version 0.8 released
We are proud to announce the release of Trentino version 0.8. This new release adds support for service discovery based on SLP discivery protocoll. and provide a reusable Preference Service


TRENTINO is a lightweight and modular SOA runtime that is specifically designed for the peculiarities of the embedded domain. It is based on the open standard Service Component Architecture (SCA) and enables support for a variety of industrial protocols. Trentino severely reduces complexity and thus has positive implications on both safety and cost during the entire application lifecycle of your product.

Enable extensible architectures

Trentino has been designed from the ground up to eliminate complexity at both architecture and API levels. It provides the following keys features to the embedded developpers:

  • A standard based component model
  • Plugable communication protocols (SCA Bindings)
  • A Management and monitoring component for Trentino applications
  • Distributed Service discovery
  • Trentino is non invasive: Minimal API, use of dependency injection. It therefore facilitate the migration of existing C++ code base to a Trentino Runtime.

Lightweight Runtime

The main goal of Trentino is to be as lightweight as possible. An empty Trentino runtime has a memory footprint lower than 500 KB.

Target users

Trentino has been designed as generic as possible to be integrated in almost all kind of embedded applications. The minimal requirements for Trentino is that the embedded device should host an Operating System. The Source code can be compiled for Visual Studio and GCC platforms (including QNX).

Learn more

To find out more about Trentino, follow this roadmap to get started quickly.

If you are avaluating Trentino, please see our answers to frequently asked questions. If you want to contribute to Trentino, register on our developer-mailingslist. Trentino is licensed under LGPL. Full commercial support is available from Siemens Corporate Technology. Tooling for Trentino applications are provided.