Building and deploying example applications

Building basic calculator application

The basiccalculator sca application is provided with a build script.


  • Set the environnement variable TRENTINO_HOME to point to the location of your installed Trentino distribution
  • Make sure you have Cmake installed and part of your PATH
  • Make sure Java Version 1.6.* is part of your PATH ( Java 1.7 is not yet supported)


  • Open your Terminal or console (On windows use the visual studio command prompt)
  • change to directory ${TRENTINO_HOME}/samples/BasicCalculator_Source
  • On windows run build_apps.bat
  • On linux run ./

After the build is finished, a folder BasicCalculator will be created next to BasicCalculator_Source. That folder contains a ready to deploy SCA contrubution.

Deploying the SCA Contribution

  • Open your trentino console application by executing ${TRENTINO_HOME}/bin/TrentinoConsole
  • You first have to boot Trentino. For that purpose type the command "boot" in the console.
  • Now you can deploy (install) your application into the runtime. For that purpose just enter the following command into the console: install C:\TrentinoContributions\BasicCalculator myuri
  • You have already installed BasicCalculator. Congratulations! :)